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Amphibious Camera with Panoramic Vision

Inspired by the compound eyes of the fiddler crab in nature, we have developed a novel panoramic and amphibious imaging device by integrating a flat and graded-refractive-index micro-lens array with a comb-shape silicon photodiode array.

Thermally Protected Wearable Optoelectronics

Based on radiative cooling, flexible/Non-metallic porous polymer removes thermal adverse effects of wearable optoelectronics under direct sunlight, while allowing wireless power transfer and data communication.

Fish-eye Cameras

Inspired by the aquatic vision in nature, we have developed a novel miniaturized wide field-of-view imaging device by integrating a monocentric lens and a hemispherical silicon nanorod photodiode array.

Virus-based colorimetric sensors

M13 bacteriophage-based colorimetric sensors to facilitate the rapid detection for pathogens, toxins, or environmental changes at extremely low concentration levels

​Covert Polarization Display

Covert polarization display to break through the flexibility/scalability limitation by using ultrathin lossy nanocolumns deposited on a metal film with wide color selectivity.

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Bio-inspired tunable optics and photonics: bridging the gap between nature and technology

D. H. Kim+, J. J. Kim+, D. -J. Kong, G. J. Lee and Y. M. Song

International Journal of Optomechatronics 18, 2334293



Fully bioresorbable hybrid opto-electronic neural implant system for simultaneous electrophysiological recording and optogenetic stimulation

M. Cho, J. -K. Han, J. Suh, J. J. Kim, J. R. Ryu, I. S. Min, M. Sang, S. Lim, T. S. Kim, K. Kim, K. Kang, K.Hwang, K. Kim, E. -B. Hong, M. -H. Nam, J. Kim, Y. M. Song, G. J. Lee*, I. -J. Cho*, K. J. Yu*

Nat. Commun. 15, 2000


(JCR 5%)


Advanced visual components inspired by animal eyes

S. Chang+, D.-J. Kong* and Y. M. Song*

Nanophotonics 13, 859-879



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